1993-1994 — Don’t Tell Me What To Do

ONE : Extinct/"The Boy who cried wolf..."/"Swaddled in stitched ten spots..."/"The moon rises..."/"She turns against her beauty..."/"The friction that takes away a little bit of sound..."/"She wanted a place..."/"After the flower bath..."/"Your terms are dressed..."/"Don't be bitter..."/"His & Hers" (7:01)

TWO: Post-mortem/Return/Just Coffee/"Angeleno"/Halloween (6:55)

THREE: Otro/Letter From Nebraska (2:27)

FOUR : "You are sure of yourself..."/"They are good tears..." w/Home/"You are sweating in your sleep..."/"You are retaining your placenta..." w/"They roll over on the swells..."/Second Opinion/"Hummingbirds dart, sip..."/Tulip/"At the Dark End of the Street" (8:10)

FIVE: Don't Tell Me What To Do/Kaerlighed/"One Morning"/Ontario/Remain/"Grey Eyes"/El Desconocido/Git Along Ruthie/Pissed Off Mailbox (17:32)

SIX: Business over/"Vista Blues"/Nine/Show/Chucko (7:10)


Summary: The collaborative effort of writer/performer Viggo Mortensen and the Duke McVinnie Band. A three-ring circus of poetry, music and mayhem recorded and mixed by Theo Mondle during a live broadcast of Liza Richardson's MAN IN THE MOON on KCRW.

originally available at mp3.com, new version of this page has a VM section but no downloads or CDs yet

T-shirts were available until recently at www.actionbox.com/viggo.html but this site has not been reachable for some time

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