1998 — New Yorker Out Loud Volume 2

Disk One

  • Steven Millhauser: A Visit (34:37 - Read by the Author)
  • Jeffrey Eugenides: Baster (34:35 - Read by the Author)
  • Junot Diaz: How to Date a Brown Girl (9:03 - Read by the Author)

Disk Two

  • Mark Twain: Jim and the Dead Man (7:34 - Read by Chuck D)
  • Jack Kerouac: On the Road Journals (16:23 - Read by Viggo Mortensen)
  • Annie Proulx: Brokeback Mountain (55:00 - Read by Suzy Amis) "Themes of love and friendship loosely connect The New Yorker magazine's second spoken-word anthology, and nothing else on the album is quite up to the divine pathos actor V.M. puts across in a sound-effects-embellished performance of Jack Kerouac's road diaries. V.M.'s performance of the Kerouac Journals is masterful."

[Spoken Word] Various Artists - Miscellaneous Audio CD (December 8, 1998); Original Release Date: December 8, 1998; Polygram Records

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