1998 — The Other Parade

1) Death of a Dentist (2:30)

2) Massage School (4:31)

3) Trouble at the Launchpad (4:12)

4) Strike at the Wig Factory (5:05)

5) The Other Parade (8:15)

6) Room for Nine (2:47)

7) Dream of the See-Saw Repairman (3:30)

8) Night in an Animal Hospital (3:52)

9) ... 3, 4 ...(5:03)

The Players: Buckethead: guitar, bass, robot, weeping, shuffling; DJ Bonebrake: drums, chorus, vibes, ropes, telephone, marimba, vocals; Exene Cervenka: guitar, chorus, flags, dog chorus; Brigit: vocals; Sarah P. Smith: trombone, chorus, plastic flute, vocals; Hank C. Mortensen: piano, drums, thread, chorus; Travis Dickerson: hammond organ, woodpile; Zak Marmalefski: guitar, chorus; Viggo Mortensen: motorcycle muffler, drill, chorus, percussion, keyboard, wheelchair, vocals, drums, xylophone


he Other Parade The Other Parade is a collection of mood altering sound experiments. With Buckethead, Exene, D.J.Bonebrake, and others. CD $10 (Perceval Press blurb)

1999 - TDRS Music

Reprinted 2003- Perceval Press [liner notes in Japanese!]

Recording Studios: Tracks 1,2, 4-8 recorded live at Viggo's, Venice, CA. Tracks 3 and 9 recorded live at Travis', Chatsworth, CA.

Production: Edited, mixed and mastered at Travis Dickerson Recording Studios by Travis, Viggo and Buckethead. Produced by Viggo Mortensen.

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