1999 – One Man’s Meat

1) Birth (1:13)

2) Barbecue Kingdom (3:21)

3) Counting Calories (1:16)

4) Inner Beauty (6:19)

5) Go Bad (:54)

6) One Man's Meat (2:09)

7) Holy Communion (2:26)

8) Koughka (1:06)

9) Products (:29)

10) Chicken Surgery (2:04)

11) To Market (:16)

12) Africa (:37)

13) Carne De Nino (1:01)

14) Joe (:19)

15) Jack's Box (:38)

16) Bette Davis, 1962 (:45)

17) Fortune Cookies (8:18)

Artwork: Artwork and photography by Viggo Mortenson, Design by Ellen Wakayama, Artwork photographed by Bill Short


(November) 1999 - TDRS Music (CD)

An exploration of meat and meat by products conceived and performed by carnivores and vegetarians, for consumption by all. A collaboration of music, poetry, noise, and silence by D. J. Bonebrake, Buckethead, Exene, Travis Dickerson, Adrian Esparza, Lysa Flores, Zak Marmalesfsky, Hank Mortensen, Viggo Mortensen, Pilar Perez, and Donita Sparks. (TDRS)

The Players: Brigit (his dog!), Buckethead (also plays guitar on track 10), D. J. Bonebrake, Exene Cervenka, Travis Dickerson, Adrian Esparza, Lysa Flores, Zak Marmalefsky, Hank Mortensen, Viggo Mortenson, Pilar Perez, Donita Sparks

Recording Studios: Recorded live at Track 16 Gallery in Santa Monica and at TDRS Dec. '98 and Jan. '99 Track 10 recorded at Viggo's in Venice, California, and tracks 15 and 17 recorded at Travis Dickerson Recording Studios

Production: Mixed and mastered by Travis and Viggo at Travis Dickerson Recording Studios. Produced by Travis Dickerson



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