Viggo Mortensen — 1991 — 1991 Audiotape

  1. Oceans Take Our Secrets
  2. Letter From Nebraska
  3. Frasier Park
  4. Southern Pacific Laxative (very long)
  5. Miami
  6. Parker
  7. Chicago
  8. Embrace
  9. no title (full moon, coffee breath...)
  10. no title (bookends that mock...)
  11. no title (I snuck in the front door of my childhood home...)
  12. no title (about mother)
  13. Remain
  14. no title (very long possibly about his dad)
  15. Fossils
  16. Self Service Island
  17. Gem and Mineral Show
  18. Five Thousand Years
  19. Bedtime Story for Henry
  20. Keepsake
  21. August
  22. Everything you Read
  23. July (Independence)
  24. no title (Operating in the day-to-day give and take...)
  25. Building a Character (Edit)
  26. Unlisted

Полное время: 40 минут.

Кассета записана только с одной стороны и содержит 26 поэм.


Summary: Long before he released any of his great spoken word CDs, Viggo spent an afternoon at the old Iguana Cafe in North Hollywood, reciting his poetry into a tape recorder, while being nagged by friend Duke McVinnie. Viggo then took his 'master' recording home and ran off copies onto cassettes, which he sold and gave away at his poetry readings. He and his then wife, Exene Cervenka, created the j-cards for these TDK cassettes. There were never more than a couple dozen of these made. (notes taken from an eBay sales blurb, please report any inaccuracies from our Contact Page). Thank you!

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